CancunShuttle.com offers two types of services from the Cancun International Airport to hotels located in Cancun Hotel Zone and Downtown. Although some hotels are located further than others, CancunShuttle.com offers the same prices no matter which hotel you are staying in Cancun.

The AIRPORT TAXI is a service offered in Cancun exclusively by CancunShuttle.com. This type of service gives you the convenience of a Private Transportation at a lower cost. The taxi service works like any other taxi service, the only difference is that YOU MUST MAKE ADVANCED reservations. This is kind of like calling a taxi to come to pick you up.

The PRIVATE SERVICE TRANSPORTATION is like having your own car with a driver. This is the best option for families or groups of four or more people. It is a straight ride to the airport and the vehicle departs as soon as you are ready. This service is very convenient and available 24 hrs.

Basic Information